The "NAME OF THE ORGANIZER", of the Republic of Cuba, has the pleasure to invite you to sponsor our "NAME OF THE EVENT", which will take place from the "event date" at "Event Venue".



$ .00 CUP


$ .00 CUP


$ .00 CUP


$ .00 CUP


For the good development of the Seminar, the Organizing Committee invites you to participate as a Sponsor and collaborate financing:

Audiovisual media to be used at conference rooms

International guests

Materials for the event

Others considered and feasible to provide

 Costo de una sala de conferencias  

Coffee break, Welcome and Closing activities

Promotional items or your company's own, to be used in the accreditation of delegates, courtesy to personalities and speakers

Entitled to:

  • Complimentary acknowledgement in the Announcements.

  • Sponsor Category at the conference rooms (at the beginning of conferences).

  • Logo in the printed materials of the Seminar, on the Web site and in the Infographics of the main conference room.

  • Present a technical paper according to the topics defined for the Seminar.

  • Include promotional material in the accreditation of delegates.

  • On-site or virtual stand to exhibit your products and services.

  • Include a promotional video or written material in the Seminar proceedings.

  • Free admission to the event (as a delegate or exhibitor).

  • Receive recognition from the hosts to be presented at the opening or closing ceremony of the event.

    • Participate in the Business Rounds. 

Specifications for sponsorship, if you are willing to contribute, will be analyzed based on negotiations according to your possibilities and the conditions required as a sponsor, and subsequently, the agreement agreed upon by the parties will be signed.

The Organizing Committee will be in charge of the general organization of the Seminar, including negotiations with sponsors.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration in the organization of the Seminar. Therefore, we request your confirmation in order to include you in the promotional campaign that has already started. 

If you are interested Contact us